How to Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard?


How to Reduce Traffic Noise In My Backyard?

We live in a busy, highly industrialized environment where noise is one of the most clearly discernible factors. Every day, billions of people around the world are in an environment with excessively high noise levels, such as traffic noise on the street, or mechanical noise generated by refrigeration or air conditioning systems, boilers, elevators, generators, or occupational noise from the office. In order to protect humans from excessive noise, our specially designed noise cancelling fence has been developed, commonly referred to as noise control solutions.

In order to protect residents and workers from excessive noise, in many countries, the maximum noise level in residential, commercial or industrial areas is strictly regulated by building regulations, environmental protection laws and other legislative measures. Therefore, implementing road noise cancelling fencing on sites with noise sources is usually a regulatory requirement.

Noise cancelling fence, also called road noise cancelling fencing, can provide effective noise attenuation and are a cheaper solution compared to noise enclosures. Noise cancelling fences are commonly used to reduce excessive noise sources in factories, railways, roads and industries. In addition, the road noise reduction fence panelling will not interfere with ventilation or the entry of people into noise-producing equipment.

In terms of structure, when it is necessary to stop road noise or certain larger manufacturing places, concrete, wood or masonry structures are usually used to design and manufacture sound insulation walls. Optionally, when it is necessary to install noise cancelling fence around certain equipment, for example, installing air conditioning units on the roof of a building, use specially designed noise barriers. When it comes to soundproofing garden from road noise or how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard, there are usually two types: reflective noise cancelling fence and absorbing noise cancelling fencing. The purpose of the latter is to absorb noise, not just reflect noise from the protected area. The quality of sound absorption is usually achieved by using composite acoustic materials in the construction of sound proof fencing.

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Our noise cancelling fence can reduce noise by approximately 27 dBA, depending on the noise source and the specific noise control solution selected. Therefore, a comfortable area for humans is realized behind the sound cancelling fencing, and the noise level in this area is kept within the allowable range.