About Us

We are a company specialize in acoustical fencing production and sale. Noise Reduction Fencing lead the way, reducing noise in the industrial, construction and entertainment sectors. Our scientific approach is led by acoustic engineers who have created market-leading solutions. Our sustainable noise proof fencing products are second to none—offering continued performance, ease of use and durability that exceed expectations.

Outstanding Sound Control

Noise abatement fencing solutions are the market leaders in temporary noise reduction. Our sustainable products both absorb and insulate, creating innovative lightweight barriers that out-perform all rivals. Quick to assemble and simply deployed, noise fencing is easily movable to maintain optimum performance as project demands evolve. Moving noise fencing close to the source of noise can improve noise control by up to 100 times compared to static noise control solutions. Common construction tools that make loud noises: Breaker, generator, pecker, rock drill, water jet cutter, etc.

Market-leading Durability

Our noise reduction fencing is seriously long lasting. They are made from specially selected high-tech materials chosen to ensure longevity and continued performance. With a lifecycle of between two and five years sound reduction fencing solutions outlast the alternatives by up to five times. We are proud to offer the most durable acoustical fencing products available, some with a shelf life of up to ten years. Totally weatherproof and UV resistant, our products are truly built to last.

  1. Up to 27dB reduction
  2. Customized Sizes

Rapid Installation

It is all about productivity. In modern work environments speed is of the essence, with considerable pressures exerted on schedules and budgets. Our noise barriers acoustic fencing is designed for rapid installation. Lighter in weight than alternative products, they keep transportation costs down. Featuring innovative fittings, they can be assembled using half the manpower four times quicker than competitor products.

Waterproof Front and Hydrophobic Back

The front (PVC) side of our noise reduction fencing is officially certified as 100% waterproof. In the harshest weather and most driving rain our products offer no compromise—maintaining market leading noise absorbing levels. Some alternative solutions are only waterproof on one side and often use textile based noise reducing systems like rock wool or fiberglass. This leads to deterioration in sound absorption of up to 50% when the rain comes in. Another alternative solution is waterproof on both sides which may lead to less acoustic absorption and become reflective fencing as waterproof material tends to reflect sound. Our solutions are waterproof front and hydrophobic back—guaranteeing continued absorption and insulation performance.

Internationally Recognized Design

Research proves that projects with well designed and maintained fencing receive far fewer complaints. Our sound proof fencing traffic noise reducer is hand-finished and totally look the part, and will stay looking great throughout their lifecycle. All our products are customizable to carry your branding and messaging, improving brand perception, awareness and community relations.

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