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Most construction sites may not have considered using acoustic barrier fencing, but they can be real life savers when it comes to noise pollution. So what is noise barrier fencing and how do you use them? As a China factory, we offer the following guide tackles everything from when to use barrier fencing to how you can create and use them on outdoor noise control.

When Should You Use Sound Barrier Fencing?

If you are in charge of construction sites, you may be faced with noise complaint. Many construction tools can create a lot of noise and will need to be dealt with through portable barriers fencing. You may also be in an outdoor location that has a natural echo, which you will need to treat appropriately. Alternatively, barrier fencing can be used to help block unwanted noise from entering your home.

What Do Barrier Fencing Do?

Barrier fences are nothing complex. Temporary barrier fencing helps to absorb sound. Whether it’s to minimize unwanted noise or to reduce the echo in a location barrier fence are the tools to do it.

Temporary Barrier Fencing Acoustic Noise Absorbing Portable Barriers Fencing

How To Choose A Barrier Fencing

You could buy a sound blanket from around £20 to £80. How to choose? Check the materials, and performance. Is it waterproof and UV protective? This is important for outdoor use. How many dBs to block? Each dB means money. Choose the right version for your project. Is it reflective or absorptive Barrier Fence?

How To Set Up A Barrier Fencing

There are a number of ways to set up sound blankets depending on what you are using for one. If you have purchased a professional flexible Barrier Fence you will have to assemble a stand and drape the blanket over the top of it, securing it with the clamps provided.


Barrier Fencing is very handy at helping you reduce outdoor noise. The assistance they give to outdoor noise control can be created in a variety of ways, from their positioning, to their material. The quality blankets provide ultimately comes down to how you use them. By using this guide to help you, you can be sure to start using Barrier Fencing effectively to really benefit your audio in your next video production.

Common Applications

Outdoor Construction Blanket
City Construction Noise
Noise Reduction
Blender Sound Enclosure
Generator Enclosure
Condenser Enclosure
Transfer Pump Enclosure

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