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Temporary Outdoor Fencing Suppliers Soundproof Exterior Fence Hanging on Mesh Fence

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Temporary Outdoor Fencing Suppliers Soundproof Exterior Fence Hanging on Mesh Fence

Deal with noise issues on site? Our temporary outdoor fencing is the solution!

Our noise control solutions experts provide a soundproof exterior fence system designed to absorb sound energy and prevent the transmission of noise between the noise source and the receiver. Soundproof outdoor fencing can quickly and easily reduce noise temporarily.

These outdoor fencing systems are designed to help reduce the amount of noise exposure that affects the environment around the noise source, which is critical to the health and safety of people around. Continued exposure to loud noises can seriously damage health and quality of life, as it can lead to stress-related diseases and hearing loss, which is irreversible. These portable outdoor fencing products are specially designed to absorb the sound generated during construction, demolition and drilling. The interior is a non-irritating acoustic material without glass fiber, so it is one of the safest choices to meet noise requirements.

To help reduce noise exposure and meet noise requirements, we provide acoustic architectural environment panels that not only provide excellent sound insulation, but also have a beautiful appearance. These soundproof exterior fences are manufactured so that they can be hung on site fences, scaffolding and hobs for easy installation and removal. Each temporary outdoor fencing has thick industrial Velcro on both sides to ensure maximum acoustic performance.
Temporary Outdoor Fencing Suppliers Soundproof Exterior Fence Hanging on Mesh Fence

Common Uses of Soundproof Outdoor Fencing:

Heavy machinery construction site
Compressor and saw drill
Demolition construction fencing
Renovated occupied buildings
Road and earthwork

Portable Outdoor Fencing Features:

Fencing can be hung vertically or horizontally
Great for creating temporary walls around loud machines
Reduced 27dB of noise during 1000Hz laboratory testing
Quick and easy installation and removal
Can be configured for specific job requirements
Fireproof and waterproof

Customize temporary outdoor fencing to fit your exact size and environmental requirements. Once a solution is selected, we can provide the noise reduction fence quickly. Contact us now for free suggestions and customized suggestions! Or, send us an email and our friendly sales staff will contact you in a short time.

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