Noise Reduction Fence

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Noise Reduction Fence

Noise reduction fencing is commonly used in industrial sites, along highways, around construction sites, along underground railways and even around kennels. Noise reduction fence can now be used in residential buildings. The noise reduction fencing is a simple and economical first step to reduce noise, it can really improve your life and increase your privacy.

Places that need noise reduction fence system:

Protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of noise.
Provides visual screen and acoustic privacy.
Observe local noise regulations.
Reduce the pressure and disturbance caused by noise in residential, commercial, public places, entertainment venues and wildlife areas.
Block the sight and sound of mechanical equipment.
Shield sight and sound.

There are metal holes on the top edge and metal holes on the bottom, which can easily hang or fix the fence on almost all objects. Multi-level construction projects can easily overlap the multi-segment noise reduction fences attached to the scaffolding to realize many vertical height barriers.

The staggered wooden shadow box privacy fence can easily merge the noise reduction fencing without changing the appearance. Just hang the acoustic noise reduction fence on the wooden fence. This is easy to do and keeps the appearance intact while increasing acoustic privacy.
Noise Reduction Fences Manufacturer Fencing Sound Reducing for Exterior Noise

Fencing Sound Reducing

To meet your expectations, consider your noise source as a light bulb in a completely dark environment. The noise reduction fencing uk version will block direct light from reaching you, but any surrounding tall structures or trees will allow some smaller reflections to reach you. Sound works in almost the same way, so the more obstacles between you and the sound source, the better.

Performance of noise reduction fences is related to your installation and the following:

Seal any gaps or seams in the fence, including the bottom gap.
The wind also has some influence on temporary noise fences.
Your specific location is related to the location of all other objects, which may reflect some indirect sounds above or around the outdoor acoustic panels. The specific frequency of noise, because some frequencies are reduced more than others.