Temporary Noise Fences

Manufacturer Movable Temporary Fence Noise Reduction | Noise Fences Lightweight Temporary Noise Fence for Road Noise Fencing

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Temporary Noise Fences

We manufacture and design temporary noise fences at the most favorable price and the most cost-effective rate STC 27dB. Welcome to contact us for detailed information about the four-layer design noise reduction construction fence. Noise fences are designed to solve noise control applications where both sound absorption and sound insulation must be improved. Industrial applications include enclosures, mechanical cover linings, and additions to existing walls or barriers. Construction applications include crosstalk barriers, room partitions, ceiling barriers, and duct wrapping.

Basic information of temporary noise fences

1. Structure: substrate, surface and back
2. Material: PVC + vinyl sound insulation felt + sound absorbing wool + waterproof glass fiber cloth
3. Surface treatment: PVC or waterproof canvas
4. Back: glass fiber cloth
5. Standard size: 2400 * 1000mm can be customized
6. Thickness: 18mm
7. Density: 7kg/m2
8. Acoustic performance: 27dB
9. Uses: construction sites, scaffolding, fences, etc.

Noise Fences Lightweight Temporary Noise Fence for Road Noise Fencing
Why a temporary fence noise fencing is needed at the construction site

Obviously, noise damages the health of employers and construction workers on construction sites. These employers and construction workers have reported through the World Health Organization (WHO) that the risk of exposure to noise is high. Noise can cause tinnitus, and exposure to loud noises can also lead to stress and lack of sleep, and ultimately to the heart.

With the development of the global construction industry, noise pollution has become an increasingly serious problem for builders and construction project managers. It is unrealistic to build a heavy-duty permanent steel road noise fencing because the high cost will exceed the budget, so consider temporary noise fences as the ideal solution for your project.

Advantages of Temporary Noise Fence

·Lightweight design, easy to install and fold, stackable for transportation
·100% non-toxic, non-irritating composite material, harmless to the environment
·Waterproof 100% noise absorbing fences
·Completely fireproof
·Excellent flexibility and toughness