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Noise Absorbing Fences Sound Absorbing Fence Residential Noise Reduction

Noise Absorbing Fence Sound Absorbing Fencing Noise Absorption Fencing



Noise Absorbing Fences Sound Absorbing Fence Residential Noise Reduction

Looking for a way to enjoy peace and tranquility in your yard? A noise absorbing fence can help. What is needed to effectively stop outdoor noise? The noise absorbing fencing designed for sound insulation can reduce the noise entering the yard. However, the reduction will be far less than what can be achieved by indoor sound insulation.

Compared to the design of an effective sound control panel, the sound absorbing fencing can block the frequency level of harmful sounds, which is very important. If you are considering buying a noise absorbing fence, you may need to purchase a sound level meter to help you determine the noise frequency level in the area. This measurement of noise level will determine the sound insulation you need. In order to maximize sound insulation, we have made a noise absorbing fencing that includes a large amount of loaded vinyl in its structure. This can minimize noise, but it also makes noise absorbing fences heavier and less flexible.

Noise Absorbing Fence Specification

Thickness: 18mm, 15mm
Size: 1000x2500mm, 2000x3550mm
Structure: 4 layer, 3 layer
Acoustic Performance: 27dB, 15dB

For sound absorbing fencing applications, we recommend using a metal frame to support additional weight and provide flexibility to move or retract the curtains in the work space. Noise absorbing fences with multiple supporting hardware options can be connected to walls, equipment, trucks, etc. Thermal insulation curtains are lighter and easier to use, but have less noise reduction compared to the heavily loaded vinyl option.

Noise Absorbing Fencing Benefit:

High performance
Durable construction acoustic fence
Wide temperature range
Fire Safety
Custom design
Decorative finishes for construction

A high and strong wall needs to be able to withstand the wind that your area has to withstand. It should also be considered that the child may try to climb the sound absorbing fence residential. Design walls to make them as difficult as possible; for example, avoid exposed horizontal rails.

Please contact us for suggestions and solutions regarding noise absorbing fencing options for your specific needs.

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