Temporary Acoustic Fencing

Flexible Hanging On Existing Wood Acoustic Fencing | Outdoor Temporary Fencing Acoustic Fencing Cost Per Metre Size 4ft x 8ft

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Temporary Acoustic Fencing

Our anti-ultraviolet temporary acoustic fencing is a durable and effective noise reduction system that provides excellent outdoor temporary fencing on construction sites and other noisy work areas. The acoustic temporary fencing can provide up to 80% noise reduction effect (at 27dB), and a series of panels that can be used with Velcro can be installed quickly and easily.

Various weights are available to accommodate different noise frequencies, including special quality vinyl load materials that can be used for additional noise applications. The temporary fencing can also include access doors and clear view windows. Custom brands can also be provided, please ask our friendly team for details.

The temporary noise fencing is a cost-effective solution to reduce airborne noise. It is lightweight and easy to install. The product has been rigorously tested and has been approved to reduce the noise by 80% at 27dB.

The size of each outdoor temporary fencing is 1.0m x 2.4m and is made of layered noise reduction materials, which can form a strong and durable noise barrier, which is very effective in attenuating noise. Each long side has Velcro strips, and the top and bottom have neat curling and small hole finishes to form a strong barrier when the panels are clamped together.

Sound barriers and sound curtains are easy to install in temporary fences, wood acoustic fencing, scaffolding and other building fences. You can buy it and offer acoustic fencing hire services and acoustic fencing cost per metre is affordable. They are UV resistant and weather resistant, have a long service life, and can be custom printed with your brand, making them an effective advertising medium.
Temporary Acoustic Fencing Flexible Hanging On Existing Wood Acoustic Fencing

At first glance of outdoor temporary fencing:

Size: 1.0×2.4m, 1.3m x 2m, or customize sizes
Weight: 1.5 kg/m2 – 7.5 kg/m2
The noise reduction coefficient (NRC)
The weighted noise reduction index (Rw) in the insulation test is 27dB
Vision panel and access door can be combined
Provide customized brands
Easily transport between construction sites
Set up quickly and easily
Weather and UV resistant materials
Strong and sturdy temporary acoustic fencing
Applicable to various noise frequencies
Large quantities of vinyl available on request
Multi-functional – can be installed indoors and outdoors
At the same time effectively control dust and smoke