Temporary Noise Fencing

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Temporary Noise Fencing

Temporary noise fencing is just one of the solutions we provide to prevent any unnecessary noise. Our noise cancelling fencing is colored and recyclable, making it highly sustainable! We provide this noise control fencing to reduce impact sound and airborne sound and any unnecessary vibrations. The main purpose of this noise blocking fencing is to effectively prevent noise pollution.


In terms of installation, the temporary noise fencing is easy. The heras acoustic fencing has a wide range of uses, so when it is installed in the affected area, it can be installed directly or at a certain distance. Our noise blocking fencing is fixed by acoustic fencing contractors in place using hangers, straps and hooks machinery.

Technical Information of Temporary Noise Fencing:

Intended use: interior, sound absorption, sound insulation
Pattern: diamond stitch (default), vertical stitch (custom)
Surface treatment: glass fiber cloth
Tolerance: +/- 1/4 cm (due to the stitching process, the finished felt size is the nominal value)
Installation regulations: (fasteners provided by the installation program)
Panel: along the upper edge or designated grommet
Temperature range: -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
NRC: 0.75
STC: 27
Thickness: 18mm
Size: 1000x2400mm, 1000x5000mm, etc.
Structure: 4 layer acoustic noise fence
Acoustic Performance: 15 – 27 dB reduction
Noise Control Fencing Noise Blocking Fencing Temporary Acoustic Fencing Contractors

You will notice that we provide noise control fencing to make it easier for you to install into the affected area. The flexibility of the noise cancelling fencing is an advantage in itself. It is also easy to operate and has a variety of weights to choose from.

When choosing a cost-effective acoustic fencing ireland, you will not miss the acoustic fencing we provide. As a flexible noise temporary fencing, you can easily benefit from the weight-enhanced sound barrier we provide! Like any of our existing products, this temporary noise fencing is one of the simplest products to handle and maximize sound absorption performance.

In addition, the temporary noise fence is very suitable for industrial applications, ensuring that they are firmly fixed in place, preventing any movement and excessive volume.