Temporary Acoustic Fence

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Temporary Acoustic Fence

The installation of our temporary acoustic fence takes only 15 minutes and is a simple, flexible and effective acoustic temporary fence solution. The acoustic fence temporary enclosure is very suitable for projects in buildings and near high-rise buildings. It can reduce on-site noise by as much as 27dB; prevent sound from rebounding from the ceiling and walls; and include the spread of dust. It’s noise protection in construction and manufacturing and an instant solution to excessive noise.

Acoustic Fence Design Specification

Thickness: 18mm, 15mm
Size: 1000x2500mm, 2000x3550mm
Structure: 4 layer, 3 layer
Acoustic Performance: 27dB, 15dB

World-class noise reduction and site safety

The acoustic fence wrap provides a perfect temporary cutting station that can be safely operated directly on the job site. The workstation can reduce noise by up to 27dB, including debris generated during cutting, while also being able to view and safely handle oversized items. Temporary acoustic fence is suitable for those who wish to improve workplace safety culture and increase health and safety compliance.

Acoustic Temporary Fence Acoustic Fence Wrap Existing Mesh Fence Design

The most effective temporary noise control for generator sets

Our acoustic temporary fence provide you with a simple, cost-effective and efficient way to reduce noise pollution from the on-site power system, suitable for the ground and neighbors overlooking the building. Our cabinets are installed on a 2m high standard fence around the generator, which can reduce the noise level by up to 99%.

Identify hazards and manage risks

Today, all contractors have a responsibility to protect the public and employees from harm. All contractors in the industrial equipment soundproofing and construction industry face challenges in noise and dust management. When dealing with such challenges, some contractors have a better culture than others. This actually depends on the contractor’s health and safety culture and how to formulate health and safety policies in daily on-site life.

Workers on site usually wear hearing protection devices to perform tasks. If the only place that separates the public from the workplace is the site fence, then the public may also need to protect their ears when people walk by. Temporary acoustic fence is the right products on the market to prevent noise hazards and dust on construction sites.