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Soundproofing Fence

As noise in and around construction sites becomes a bigger issue and has become part of the agreement of many resources, soundproofing outdoor fences are the ideal solution to ensure that your next construction site reduces disturbance to the public and maintains municipal compliance.

Soundproofing fence can replace traditional plywood sound proofing a fence, absorb noise, and are easy to install and move on site when needed. Our sound proofing fence system is a sound-absorbing, high transmission loss fence soundproofing wall system. They are ideal for absorbing and blocking harmful noise from commercial, industrial, residential or traffic noise applications. Our soundproofing fence is a maintenance-free alternative to the noise wall industry.

Soundproofing Fence Technical Data

Acoustic performance: 27 dB Noise reduction (greater if the fencing is doubled)
Size (flat): 2.4m high x 1.0m wide
Weight: 7.4 kg/m2
Color: blue, green, black, white, etc.
Soundproofing Outdoor Fences Supplier Acoustical Fece Soundproofing for Fences
Steel housings are not always the best soundproofing outdoor fence solution in certain manufacturing areas. In these applications, we turn to the use of PVC covered soundproof curtain series. The sound dampening fence can be used to create enclosures that may be open without the need for a ventilation system. In an environment where the decibel reduction requirements are reduced, we can hang these soundproofing fences as baffles throughout the facility. Although sound proofing fences are of industrial quality and are designed to be used in harsh environments, they still have a clean and professional appearance. The applied industrial soundproofing fences are ideal solutions to reduce the noise of the entire manufacturing plant.

Soundproofing Outdoor Fences:

18 mm thick soundproofing for fences
Impervious to water or liquid
Will not contain oil or liquid that may cause fire or poisoning.
Can even be used as a temporary fence or temporary roof.
Will not get moldy or mildew.
Does not produce or maintain odor.
Will not increase weight when the structure requires humidity changes.
Will not be home to pests or insects.
Printable signs and paintable.
Can easily wash off almost everything, including graffiti with washing machine.