Portable Noise Enclosures

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Portable Noise Enclosures

The portable acoustical enclosure is custom-designed according to customer needs. Our portable acoustical enclosures absorb sound very effectively and prevent it from spreading outside the chassis. We provide portable noise enclosures that can be installed in the area around the sound generating equipment. We also have portable outdoor fence that can be used to prevent noise from escaping the area. The sound level of the enclosure fencing will vary according to the usage of the portable noise enclosures and the requirements of customers.


Thickness: 18mm, 15mm
Size: 1000x2500mm, 2000x3550mm
Structure: 4 layer, 3 layer
Acoustic Performance: 27dB, 15dB

Portable noise enclosures can be used for temporary situations. We can provide enclosure fencing for equipment for stage sound, tent walls and any other areas that may require sound insulation blankets. Portable noise enclosures or portable outdoor fence can also be used as sound-absorbing walls to prevent sound from being transmitted to the other side.

Portable: The sound insulation blanket/screen is portable and can be moved and placed where needed.
Material: The core of the acoustical enclosure is made of foam or glass fiber and covered with aluminized or polyester fiber
Durable: soundproof blanket weatherproof
Flame retardant: made of refractory material

Portable Outdoor Fence Enclosure Fencing Acoustical Enclosures for Blenders

Since they are in a visible position, we added some beauty to the portable noise enclosure and provided a variety of colors. The size is also variable and can be made as needed. Depending on the environment and the commercial acoustic solution required, the acoustic enclosure can be portable or fixed.

We have a technical team to set up the acoustic control and adjust the sound control system. These panels range from STC-18 to STC-27.

Blender Enclosures

Heavy machines like blenders generate a lot of noise and vibration require special protective covers. As a one of the leading acoustic fencing suppliers, we design portable noise enclosures and blender sound enclosure with scientific precision according to the specifications of the punch or punch. In our soundproof enclosure, we combine the following functions: sound absorption, noise isolation, vibration attenuation, reverberation control.